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Join our cast of intrepid sleuths as they navigate their way through the town of Marsh Haven solving crimes and making sure the good win out! Be sure to check our twitter @Brits_Bikes for updates and subscribe to our patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/BritsonBikes

October 20, 2019

22 NaNa Naa NaNa

Plans are made and an unexpected shopping trip brings Dee and Sally ever closer to the 'Purge Pagent'

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or you can connect with (most) of our team on the handles below:

Eve/Dee: @copperharpy

Jimmy/Messages for Kat/Sally/everybody else: @jimmysprinkless

The show title is taken from 'Midnight Lady' by Mott the Hoople - Rock and Roll Queen (1972)

SFX courtesy of the amazing contributors @ freesound.org

Be sure to check out the promo from our friends at The Session Tapes a fantastic 5th ed homebrew campaign. You can follow them @KevinTheDM on twitter.  

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