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Join our cast of intrepid sleuths as they navigate their way through the town of Marsh Haven solving crimes and making sure the good win out! Be sure to check our twitter @Brits_Bikes for updates and subscribe to our patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/BritsonBikes

July 12, 2020

S2E16 - It’s Just another day

After battling demons and dinosaurs Dee and Alex face yet another obstacle - Their parentals!


Please don't forget, just because the mainstream media have moved on Black lives STILL matter - please do all you can to lift the awesome voices in the podcast community who deserve to be heard. 

Check out this awesome article pointing you to resources and fundraisers enabling you to support #BLM and ongoing struggle for justice.



Also an ongoing list of creators who are raising money through their art.


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Closing Credits: 'Marsh Haven Theme' by Cat Faber - CatFaber.bandcamp.com 


SFX Courtesy of InspectorJ  klankbeeld and all the wonderful people over at Freesound.org  

The show title is taken from 'Another Day' by Paul McCartney and Wings  - Greatest Wings (1978)

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